Dr. Mike Yeadon: RESNO OPOZORILO !!! "Ljudje, kot sem jaz, bodo verjetno izginili"

I just tried to comment under a YouTube video (Neil Oliver gave a superb speech).
They don’t allow me to comment any longer.
Obviously if what I wrote is absurd, almost amusing, why censor it?
It cannot be claimed that such opinions are undermining vaccination efforts. Look how many have been injected! If opinions like mine are a threat to a legitimate activity, I’d judge me as a paper tiger, to be ignored.
But no. They needed to delete me. You decide why.
Many thanks

I have reluctantly concluded that only two people could possibly save the nation from the covid19 fraud.
Neil Oliver & Nigel Farage.

I have provided conclusive proof that the Covid19 situation is fraud. The astonishing responses to the “pandemic” are deliberately disproportionate. There is total media capture. Every main factoid about the virus & defending against it are lies. Not error. Lies.
The “vaccines” (& I wish this wasn’t so) do not do what they tell you. However, they are harmful. I have evidence that indicates deliberately so. There is regulatory capture. Nothing MHRA says is truthful.
“Vaccine passports” are digital ID of an advanced kind, interoperable.
How this plays out is this:

1. Everyone will be “vaccinated” or subject to home imprisonment (ultimately real internment)
2. VaxPass will eventually be required to do anything, certainly to obtain food.
3. Lies about “variants” will give rise to “boosters”, acceptance of which is mandatory else VaxPass expires.
4. Financial system reset, removing cash & replacement by central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).
5. Permanent end of human freedoms
6. Combination of media scares & more vaccines will progressively kill an increasing fraction of the “vaccinated”.
7. Continues in dystopian cycles until the UN2030 goals are reached.

That will turn those still alive into slaves. We will be corralled into smart cities, subject to 24/7 watching by AI. Population will be steered down to whatever the demonic psychopaths think “sustainable development” means.
If you think the Georgia Guidestones are a manifesto, that’s down to 500 million on the planet.
It has been said that placing their intentions in a public place, if we didn’t fight it, implied assent.

Ironically, we could fix this (or at least begin recovery) in a few hours, if competent, honest people has the media access to people that the perpetrators currently do.

Instead, what will probably happen is folk like me will disappear.

I tried my best.
Dr Mike Yeadon


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