Dr. Fauci priznal, da obstajajo alternative cepivu, torej poskusnih cepiv ni mogoče odobriti!!!

Dr. Fauci admitted that there are alternatives

to the vaccine, so experimental vaccines

cannot be approved !!!

To norost lahko ustavimo zdaj! Zakaj? Ker je prejšnji teden dr. Fauci priznal, da obstajajo alternative cepivu. Ta izjava spremeni vse, ker poskusnih cepiv ni mogoče odobriti niti za nujno uporabo, če so na voljo druge možnosti. Zdaj je vsak program prisilnega cepljenja VOJNI ZLOČIN IN PROTI MEDNARODNEMU PRAVU.

Preberite in pošljite to pismo vsem in vsem vladnim agencijam, odvetniškim pisarnam, zdravnikom, vojski ali policiji. Lahko ga spremenite glede na svojo situacijo.

We Can Stop This Madness Now! Why? Because last week Dr. Fauci admitted that there were alternatives to the vaccine. That statement changes everything, because experimental vaccines cannot be approved even for emergency use when there are alternatives available. Now, every forced vaccination program is a WAR CRIME & AGAINST INTERNATIONAL LAW.

Read and send out this letter to all and any government agency, law offices, doctors, military or police. You may alter it to suit your situation.

vsebina pisma / the content of the letter

International War Crimes Tribunals, Nuremberg 2.0, Forced Vaccinations

June 8th, 2021

Saludos, Señor o Señoras,

(This is a model document to be sent to governments, doctors, hospitals and law offices to be modified in any way that suits your locale and/or situation.)

Regarding the subject line, what could I possibly be talking about?

Something has changed just in this past week and it is pivotal in the fight against coercive and intrusive state incursions on human rights and it is just the beginning, but we must act now in unison to put an end to this medical kidnap tyranny. But time is running out in countries or states who are imposing forced vaccination and other draconian measures on their population.

Again, what am I talking about?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director, just admitted last week that he knew all along that Hydroxychloroquine and other inexpensive drugs with zero side effects, to paraphrase, --stopped Covid19 dead in its tracks. This is enormously significant. What does this mean?

After that was broadcast on mainstream media news, any continuation of forced vaccinations or invasive tests are a violation of international law.

It means that at the present moment, forcing experimental vaccines upon a population without their consent, when effective alternatives exist, shall be declared a ‘war crime’ under International Law: Nuremberg Code: The Universal Right of Informed Consent to Medical Interventions.

(See attachment: The Significance of the Nuremberg Code)

It means that deployment of experimental vaccines, which are not even true vaccines, do not qualify under an "emergency situation", and therefore anyone assisting in the process, whether they were "just following orders" or not, may be libel and charged under the war crimes act.

Fauci lied, millions died: The conspiracy behind hydroxychloroquine’s suppression

The 1947 Nuremberg Code is the most important legal document in the history of medical research ethics. It established 10 foundational principles of ethical clinical research.

The first and foremost principle is unequivocal: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

Every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body; and a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient’s consent commits an assault for which he is liable in damages.”

It prohibits research to be conducted on human beings without the informed consent of the individual.

• The Nuremberg Code extended human rights beyond the borders of individual countries; • The right of Informed Consent is recognized in time of peace and in time of war. • The Nuremberg Code provides legal justification to litigate violations of informed consent. • Under the Nuremberg Code, responsibility for violations of informed consent rests upon individual doctors, government officials – and their aiders and abettors – each of whom can be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Listen to this NOW – 3 minutes


Therefore, it would be prudent of government agencies or contractors to pause the current mandatory vaccination program in: Example, Ecuador, Panama, etc. to avoid costly and embarrassing class action lawsuits against government, and/or criminal charges of individuals and all agencies who have participated in any forced vaccination or lockdown program.

Published on February 24, 2021

Lawyers Promise ‘Nuremberg Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Scam

There are three possible explanations for health regulators’ refusal to allow the use of a highly promising, well-tolerated off-label medicine such as ivermectin:

  • As a generic, ivermectin is cheap and widely available, which means there would be a lot less money to be made by Big Pharma if it became the go-to early-stage treatment against covid.

  • Other pharmaceutical companies are developing their own novel treatments for Covid-19 which would have to compete directly with ivermectin. They include ivermectin’s original manufacturer, Merck, which has an antiviral compound, molnupiravir, in Phase 3 clinical trials for COVID-19. That might explain the company’s recent statement claiming that there is “no scientific basis whatsoever for a potential therapeutic effect of ivermectin against COVID-19.

  • If approved as a covid-19 treatment, ivermectin could even threaten the emergency use authorization granted to covid-19 vaccines. One of the basic conditions for the emergency use authorization granted to the vaccines currently being used against covid is that there are no alternative treatments available for the disease. As such, if ivermectin or some other promising medicine such as fluvoxamine were approved as an effective early treatment for Covid-19, the vaccines could be stripped of authorization.

This may explain why affordable, readily available and minimally toxic drugs are not repurposed for use against Covid despite the growing mountains of evidence supporting their efficacy.


(From the article: “I Don’t Know of a Bigger Story in the World” Right Now Than Ivermectin: NY Times Best-Selling Author

Nuremberg Code #1: Voluntary Consent is Essential

The first point of the Code is: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

This point has already been broken many times over just with the introduction of mandatory masks alone. In the US, for example, masks are defined in several places as “medical devices” according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The first piece of evidence is on the FDA’s website itself at this page that discusses masks and is nested under the category Medical Devices as follows:

Medical Devices / Products and Medical Procedures / General Hospital Devices and Supplies / Personal Protective Equipment for Infection Control / N95 Respirators, Surgical Masks, and Face Masks


Tucker: Fauci deserves to be under 'criminal investigation'

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Could it be that the whole COVID-19 pandemic was just about the vaccine bringing about a global mass vaccination campaign underway for ‘population control’, i.e., Genocide?

Was the Whole Pandemic About the Vaccine?

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In my personal experience, I know that often Ecuadorians don't seem to have much respect for each other, and there are perhaps a lot of reasons this condition exists, but maybe this is a chance to reverse the trend, even if we have to 'hold our nose' during the process.

I am just an old man whose time will be short anyway, but of course it just makes this time much more valuable.

Generally, the legal profession is populated with people who are decent enough, but it is true that the profession also attracts a certain percentage of people who seem to find delight in what my friend, an American attorney, Sidney Powell, coined as “prosecutorial misconduct”, and so therefore, I prefer to remain anonymous. I’m sure this makes sense.

Thank you, I hope this has been helpful.

konec pisma / the end of letter

Letter to Attorneys Doctors & Gov Officials 2
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Letter to Attorneys Doctors & Gov Officials 2
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